Cover Reveal: Prince in Exile

My friend Helen J Bradley is gearing up to the release of her new book, Prince in Exile. She’s just posted the cover on Facebook and holy moly it’s pretty. And I’m not just saying that. I think it’s exceptionally pretty. Check it out:

princeexile1 copy

Helen’s having a Facebook Release Party on September 15 so why don’t you all come along? In the meantime here’s the scoop on Prince in exile:

Ukonsaari. Ruled for three hundred years by the greedy, jealous, and dangerous Ivanovs this island nation is on the verge of civil unrest. In the Autumn of 1979 the twenty-two year old Prince Teuvo executes his Grandfather the King, and prepares to take the throne in his stead. Yet on the eve of his coronation a military coup rises up and takes control of the country, leaving the young Prince to flee alongside his two lovers.

With the fiery Princess Astrid and his ever faithful bodyguard Olani, Teuvo must seek asylum from Ukonsaari’s neighbours. Can they survive the gathering assassins, as well as the mysterious Mr. Black who promises to help him regain his homeland, or will this be the end of the Ivanovs?



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