From the Archives: Review

I’m slightly ashamed to admit I’ve had The Theory of Attraction as an eBook for sometime, and have scanned through its very steamy/raunchy sex scenes. Like everyone else on Earth last year I was baffled and intrigued by the 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon. When I skimmed that book and found it lacking, I sought another example of the BDSM erotic romance category and came up with this delightful book by Delphine Dryden. Maybe because the Alpha male in question is a science nerd (swoon), maybe because the spunky heroine, Camilla, actually IS spunky, funny, adventurous, very smart and very independent, but when I finally properly read this book I was really quite moved by it. The sex is enchantingly hot yes, but the romance of this book is what really grabbed me. This couple, close together in age and status (he is a post grad scientist, she a programmer) are balanced in a way I have rarely seen in romance or erotica. Her forte is the outside world – friendships, office politics, everyday life – areas where the socially awkward hero, Ivan, is weak. He on the other hand is confident in two things – his impersonal science (something to do with rockets. Yes, it actually IS rocket science) and being a very discreet but very enthusiastic and exacting dom. The enticement of Camilla into his lifestyle is 100% believable, and boy is she not sorry she decides to submit. She has been previously reserved and a little embarrassed in the bedroom. Ivan quickly cures her of that.

Did I mention the sex scenes are hot? Hot hot HOT. And romantic. And the story includes an entirely believable level of angst that really resonated with me. I was cheering for Ivan and Camilla practically from page one. So needless to say I was thrilled to read the subsequent books in this series, The Science of Temptation, though I was kind of sad that they weren’t about Cami and Ivan too.  That’s the thing about Happily Ever After. It’s so hard to stretch it into another book.


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