Banned Books Week

I love Banned Books Week. After Halloween and Christmas it’s my favorite time of year. What better way to celebrate than to give away a banned book? This year, the Annual Banned Books Giveaway Hop is hosted by Book Hounds and I Am a Reader Not a Writer.

Books can be banned in a number of ways, being “banned” means a variety things for readers and authors, but one of the most disturbing recent developments is the summary banning of erotic content from digital books retailers. Many authors have found their books removed from retailers with little or no explanation. Only by investigating these retailers’ content policies were some authors able to make some changes and get their books reinstated. Some reasons books were removed? The word “reluctant” in the title, side boob or “hand bra”(google it!) on the cover, or hand-cuffs being used to, you know, handcuff someone.

Listen, I get that not all content is for everyone. I once recommended a couple of pretty edgy YA books to a friend and she never asked me for book recs again. THEY WERE YA! But yeah, too much for her. Not her taste. As my sister once said “cha·cun à son goût” which properly translated means, roughly “each to their own” but I always prefer to think of it as “everyone tastes different”. In short, as long as the marketing is not deceptive, people should be allowed and able to choose content for themselves.

Anyway, I’m game to give away a banned book. Comment below to let me know if you’ve followed this blog, liked my Facebook page or followed me on Pinterest for a maximum of three entries. I’ll pick one winner, they can let me know which banned book tickles their fancy (to a maximum of $15 including shipping) and I’ll send it winging their way either in paperback or digital. And don’t forget to visit Book Hounds and I Am a Reader Not a Writer to find the extensive list of other giveaways.

Happy Banned Books Week!



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