CC MacKenzie Writes Romance for Breast Cancer Research

book5final-breastcancer copyIt’s wonderful when as writers we can do something for causes we care about. My friend CC MacKenzie, a breast cancer survivor herself, is donating 100% of her October royalties from her new book The Fall of Jacob Del Garda to breast cancer research and treatment organizations.

Just look at the gorgeous cover with the traditional pink ribbon of the Breast Cancer Awareness movement.

Here’s a hint of what the book is about:

Twin sisters – twice the trouble

Twelve months after disappearing from Jacob’s life, the woman who broke his heart, supermodel Gabriella Dolman, is back. But things have changed. Now Gabriella is a photographer – still fabulously beautiful – but no longer glamorous, and no longer looking for love. Though Gabriella claims she just wants to move on without him, Jacob’s pretty certain that her reaction to their red-hot kisses implies otherwise.

Tobin Gillespie believes in taking a stand, and he never turns his back on a challenge. So when his work as a PR guru brings research scientist Sophie Dolman back into his life, her obnoxious behaviour and lethal put downs aren’t enough to put him off – quite the reverse. And the more they clash, the more determined he is to break down the wall around her heart and claim it for his own.

This book is part of a wonderful romantic series: The Ludlow Hall Romances. I strongly recommend you check them out.



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