Cover Reveal – The Obsidian Stairway

teaser obsidian1 copyGuys, I’m pretty excited to reveal the teaser and cover of my January release, The Obsidian Stairway. It’s a dystopian erotic romance – part one of a trilogy.  Here’s the blurb:

Young journalist O’Mara Tanner ventures into the red light district, The City of Dark Pleasures to report on a new sexual service that has been the subject of much gossip. But what she finds there only reminds her of all that has been lost in the near genocide known as The Cull.

Tully, handsome, attentive, mysterious, is unlike any “servant” O’Mara has met in the Pleasures. And his  extraordinary service is about to allow her to experience a level of intimacy she has only ever imagined. 

And here’s the cover, along with a taste:

obsidianteaser1 copy


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