newyearscover copyELECTRIFY ME launched on Christmas Eve and is off to a flying start. Here are a couple of choice five star reviews:

Electrifying December 24, 2014
RATING: 5 STARSGloria is an unlucky girl, born the first baby in the new year, she has never experienced a happy new year’s eve. With the expectation of something else going wrong this year, she decides to volunteer at a suicide hotline hoping to be able to save someone else’s life, rather than slipping deeper into the despair of her own. How could a story ever be that predictable though, right? We’re taken on a journey on with Charlie, the unexpected turn in Gloria’s New Year’s Eve plans, leaving the reader (and Gloria) wondering if this is the year New Year’s Eve will change everything.Bibi Rizer has provided us with a quick, hilarious and sweet story that I will be recommending to any romance reader.”

Short, yes, but oh my God! December 24, 2014
Verified Purchase
This book was amazing! Is it a short read? Yes but it was amazingly written and oh-my-God hot!I was intrepid about buying it, I mean $2.99 for 68 pages left me pretty much predetermined to drop it a star just for being over priced. I can’t. The read was just that good. Gloria and Charlie were two puzzle pieces that fit perfectly together and I really want another story some years down the line after this one to check in with them and see how they’re doing.As a person who lives in Seattle the author has her geographical details spot on! Which just made this even more of a fun read.

I can’t wait to read more by her and will commence looking for more now!”

Thanks readers!

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