READ TO WIN $15! What Do Authors Love?

What do authors love?
Reviews. We love reviews.

Which is why I’m running this little contest. If you’ve read one of my books or stories (here’s my Amazon page), leave a review, post a screenshot, including the date to my Facebook author page and you’ll be entered to win a $15 Amazon Gift Card. This will be a physical card that you can use or pass on as a gift to a friend, a relative, a teacher or colleague! How much fun is that?

To make it even more fun, the prize will be judged! Some of my favorite readers will assess the reviews based on relevance, humor and quality. ALL honest reviews are eligible. Remember, sometimes bad reviews are fun. This one, for example, cracks me up.

Sorry, but this is for NEW reviews only!

For indie authors, reviews are the life blood of our career. Not only do reviews help sell books, they help define the direction we take in future books. Many authors write books based on reader comments about a secondary character they like, who they think deserves their own story. Other authors learn from comments about what readers love or don’t love.

Whatever the reason we need reviews! So get out your critic hat, and get reviewing!

If you haven’t yet read any of my stuff, or you want something new to check out, here is one of my current deals:


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