The Vikings of Vinland Saga

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The Vikings of Vinland Saga follows the story of twin sisters Katla and Gull Grímsdóttir as they escape from their brutal father and find their destinies in Medieval Europe and America.

The Shield Maiden’s Revenge – April 2015

shield-maidensrevenge copyKatla Grímsdóttir has lived with her Viking father’s anger and abuse for all of her eighteen years. And she has watched him mistreat the two people she loves most in the world – her twin sister Gull and their slave “milk brother” Freyvior – until her heart is nothing but fire and steel. When Gull is sold in marriage to one of their father’s brutish warlords, Katla turns that fire and steel into the strength of fury.

She can no longer deny that her love for her beautiful slave Freyvior has changed, nor can she resist her desire to be owned by him, body and soul. But while together they awaken a fierce storm of passion between them, they must also face a violent destiny as they set out to rescue Gull. And first, those who have betrayed and abused them will be made to face the young shield maiden’s long repressed wrath.

Pre-order The Shield Maiden’s Revenge here.

Teasers and Excerpts

Morag’s Honor: A Vikings of Vinland Tale

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Daughter of a remote Scottish castle’s Laird, Morag Mac Donal had given up on ever marrying. Her father’s men thought her a monster, a giantess, and they sniggered about her sad and sordid past. She bore their disrespect, putting on the jolly face that everyone expected of such a plump lass, but inside she harbored dark thoughts and doubts. Would she ever be happy? Would her honor ever be restored?

When Young Viking warrior, Ormarr Ingsen fell, gravely wounded in a fierce clash with the Mac Donal clan that wiped out most of his kin, he was sure this was the end, his end. Waiting to die on the muddy battlefield he was surprised when the strong highland girl who found him did not slit his throat and hasten his demise. Instead she scooped him up and carried him to her turret room in the castle, there nursing him back to health.

As the days pass and the two strangers grow to trust and love each other, a future together begins to take shape. But will Morag’s tragic past or Ormarr’s ruthless kin ruin everything?

Also in the Vikings of Vinland Saga:  “The Needle and the Strap” in Conquests: An Anthology of Smoldering Viking Romance

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