Paranormal Erotica

coming raven copy

Widower Paul Terson knows befriending the ravens who inhabit his property is eccentric, even sad, but as his devastating grief  over the death of his wife begins to settle into a dull ache, he finds his family’s exhortations that he “find someone new” increasingly tiresome. Even offensive. He wishes only to be left to his land, his birds and his brooding.

Until two strangers arrive, emerging from the woods with little more than the clothes on their backs: Nona with her beautiful haunting songs and the cunning hunter Jack. As they linger on his land, Paul finds himself as drawn to them both as they are cool to each other.

When Jack and Nona seem to know more than they should, Paul begins to wonder about their true nature. Soon Paul finds himself at the center of a love triangle he could never have imagined, a helpless and beguiled pawn in a rivalry older than the land and trees his ravens love so much.

Coming in eBook Summer 2015 (content advisory graphic sexual situations)


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