The City of Dark Pleasures

The City of Dark Pleasures is a dystopian erotica serial made up of short novelettes  and novellas to be read in order. The stories center on a star crossed couple, O’Mara Tanner, a journalist, and Tully, a “servant” in the hedonistic red light district, The City of Dark Pleasures. The first book, The Obsidian Stairway, was released in January 2015.

The Obsidian Stairway


Young journalist O’Mara Tanner ‘s world was forever changed by The Expiation, a brutal near genocide that left her society unbalanced and isolated. In her cold unfriendly city, carefully controlled citizens seek solace in The City of Dark Pleasures, a vast riverfront red light district. Those who have lost their citizen privileges are reduced to working there.

When O’Mara is assigned to report on a new sexual service in the City of Dark Pleasures — one that has been the subject of much gossip — she’s not sure what to expect. What she finds there only reminds her of all that has been lost in The Expiation.

She meets Tully — handsome, attentive, mysterious — who lives like most non-citizens do — on the fringes, limited to the few base professions plied in the City of Dark Pleasures. But Tully is unlike any “servant” O’Mara has met in the Pleasures. And his extraordinary service is about to allow her to experience a level of intimacy she has only ever imagined.

“Super hot scenes!” Book Fancy Blog

“The erotic scenes in this book were so hot I could just die. You should put this on your TBR list immediately” bestselling author, AJ Downey

Book II: The Amber Columns.

obsidian2 copy

Sex is what we sell in the City of Dark Pleasures.
Most of the time no feelings at all come into what I do. But there are times I weaken, times when patrons get to me either for good or ill. Mostly ill.
Once a woman I met got inside me like no one has. It wasn’t love, but it was as close as I will ever be. O’Mara was her name. O’Mara Tanner, the journalist. She wrote about me once. It was all lies, but I don’t hold that against her. Our civilization is built on lies. The brief time we spent together was all lies.
Sometimes I think I would give up everything just to have O’Mara Tanner lie to me again.

It’s only at night that I’m scared of him. During the day I think about his golden eyes, his warm skin and his velvety voice to the point of distraction.
I hear his voice, saying my name. Or I say his name.
Maybe before the Expiation people knew that the love of a good man was a powerful, devastating intoxicant. It weakens you, distracts you, makes you prone to obsessive thoughts and lost productivity. Maybe that’s why they did it. To increase productivity.
Love must be the most potent force on earth, if it can mess you up even when you know it’s not real.

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